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Education is a powerful tool that can pave the way for a better life, provided individuals have the determination and commitment to learn and grow. Societies worldwide recognize the value of education and its immense potential for future generations.


The objective of sponsoring a student is to cover tuition fees, related costs and provide mentorship. This will enable a mother to focus on generating income, developing her business, making healthy lifestyle choices, and ensuring the well-being and productivity of her household.


In Kenya, high schools require payment of school fees, and most of them are boarding schools.


Your donation of $600 annually or $50 a month keeps a child in boarding high school for one school year!

Sponsor a Student

Price Options
One-time purchase
Pay Monthly
$50.00every month for 12 months
Pay Annually
$600.00every year for 4 years
    1. Tuition fees
    2. Bed
    3. Meals
    4. School maintenance
    5. Activity fees (sports and games)
    6. Medical insurance
    7. Exams
    8. Library
    9. School administration
    10. HEART cost of implementation
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