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Jerry Kitchel

US Partner Relations Consultant

Jerry’s work with HEART began in the Fall of 2019 as Partner Relations Consultant. His Christian non-profit career began in 1985 with World Vision during the height of Ethiopia’s famine. Over the years, he has held leadership positions in communication, marketing, and advancement with several faith-based organizations. Many of his global travels have taken him to many countries throughout Africa, with extended assignments in Kenya, Somalia, and Rwanda. In addition to working in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America, he has worked with the homeless doing inner-city mission work in Los Angeles.

In his current position with HEART, Jerry enjoys working closely with Executive Director, Lori Powell, and members of the U.S. and Kenyan staff, as well as many volunteers and key supporters who make up the HEART Team. “It’s very fulfilling to see how deeply and effectively HEART touches the lives of HIV-positive mothers and their children throughout Kenya,” he says. “It’s also a very exciting time for HEART as we move ahead under a new leader who closely embraces our mission and is deeply committed to expanding and strengthening HEART’s foundation of support and team involvement.”

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