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HEART and our partners are empowering the women, children, and youth of Africa through strategic interventions to promote sustainable health, education, and economic strengthening as a Christian, faith-based organization.

The shame and stigma related to HIV is still a real threat to the livelihood of these single mothers, leaving them homeless and destitute with no hope for the future.  Coupled with the dramatic increase in inflation, increased food insecurity, poverty and disease, the challenges faced can be overwhelming.

This is why HEART is dedicated to providing crucial resources that help these mothers pave a path towards a more hopeful and promising future.

Together, there is no limit to how many broken lives we can transform in Africa.


HIV+ single mothers have benefited from HEART's commitment to strengthen a mother's health.


Malaria Nets have been produced by our HIV+ mothers and distributed throughout Kenya. Benefitting 392,112 children.


Adolescent girls provided with a year's supply of sanitary towels, 4 undergarments, and educational training through our Freedom for Girls (FFG) project.

Mothers Restored & Redeemed. Orphans Prevented. Generations Transformed.


Through medical care, training, nutrition, and psychosocial support, we empower our mothers and their households to thrive and overcome the challenges of HIV.  With partner support we promote holistic wellness leading to healthy and fulfilling lives.



Empowering orphans and vulnerable children by providing educational sponsorship, mentorship, and psychosocial support.  This is achieved with the generous support of our partners, and success is evident in lives and careers of our alumni who are thriving. 


After overcoming life-threatening conditions and achieving stable health, our mothers embark on the crucial journey of attaining financial security through income-generating activities (IGAs). We provide year-round classes and workshops on business practices, food security initiatives, and principles of saving & borrowing money.  With partner support, our mothers are building better lives for themselves and inspiring others to do the same.

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Empowering our mothers to deepen their spiritual walk, develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, and become more equipped to live out their faith in daily life, helping them navigate challenges, cultivate virtues, and discover their purpose. We believe in fostering a strong spiritual foundation for lifelong learning opportunities and accountability.

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