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Empowering orphans and vulnerable children by providing educational sponsorship, mentorship, and psychosocial support.  This is achieved with the generous support of our partners, and success is evident in lives and careers of our alumni who are thriving. 

Kids For School (KFS) Project

Paving the way for a better life

Education is a powerful tool that can pave the way for a better life, provided individuals have the determination and commitment to learn and grow. Societies worldwide recognize the value of education and its immense potential for future generations.


Within the context of HEART's work in Kenya, education holds even greater significance. It is a precious gift, deeply rooted in a mother's heartfelt desire to witness her children thrive. In Kenya, it is not uncommon for children whose mothers are dying from AIDS-related illnesses to face abandonment. The social stigma attached to AIDS often leaves these children homeless and forced to live on the streets. When HEART began assisting critically ill individuals, many mothers would express their concerns by asking, "What will happen to my children?"


The poignant question posed by these mothers continues to drive HEART's Educational Scholarship Fund. Our team at HEART strives to empower mothers, assisting them in achieving better health, improved living conditions, income-generating skills and opportunities, spiritual guidance, and psycho-social support. Because these mothers dream of their children's educational success, they often allocate their income to cover tuition and related expenses.


The objective of the Educational Scholarship Fund is to establish a financial reserve expressly designed to cover tuition fees and related costs. This fund enables a mother to focus on generating income, developing her business, making healthy lifestyle choices, and ensuring the well-being and productivity of her household.


HEART's education program is based on three main pillars:

  • School fees payment: Keeping needy children in school through the provision of school fees.

  • Improving the learning environment: Provision of school supplies like school uniforms, desks, chairs, tables, water tanks, mosquito nets and exam preparation kits for the schools.

  • Mentorship: Providing life skills training to our beneficiaries to make them all-rounded individuals. Some of the key issues addressed during mentorship sessions include decision making, sexuality education, character & leadership career choice and academic excellence

Since its inception, HEART has positively impacted over 10,000 children throughout Kenya. We are proud to have a wealth of alumni who have become professionals, breaking the cycle of poverty within their families. Currently, we have 3 medical doctors, 1 lawyer, 1 industrial chemist, 2 nurses, 1 actuary, 1 social worker, 1 food scientist, 2 accountants, and 23 teachers. 


Freedom for Girls (FFG) Project

Helping girls stay in school

Statistical data reveals that a significant proportion of girls in Kenya miss 4 to 5 school days per month due to menstruation, leading to approximately 39 days of annual learning loss. This constitutes a substantial amount of missed school time, leading to girls dropping out of school prior to graduation.

HEART in collaboration with Rotary District 9212 and Lions Multiple District 411A developed the Freedom for Girls (FFG) project to address this critical situation. The primary objective of the FFG project is to provide vulnerable adolescent girls attending school with necessary menstrual products to enable them to stay in school.

The FFG package includes twelve sets of non-reusable sanitary towels to cover a full year, four pairs of undergarments to enhance personal hygiene and complement the use of sanitary towels, and a health information manual. This comprehensive manual addresses common inquiries raised by teenage girls, covering topics such as the menstrual cycle's nature, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), strategies to alleviate PMS, and good hygiene practices.

Girls have reaped the benefits of this program since its inception in 2008. This aid spans across various counties in Kenya, enabling consistent school attendance throughout the year. Consequently, this assistance has led to reduced absenteeism, improved academic accomplishments, and the promotion of personal hygiene.

Education holds a pivotal role as an aspiration for a better future among girls, and the FFG project ensures their uninterrupted presence throughout the academic year. The realization of this endeavor has been made possible through the generous contributions from a diverse array of donors and partners.



Students supported with school fees for an average of 3.5 years.


Children received assistance with uniforms and scholastic materials.


Children mentored and offered psychosocial support.


Adolescent girls provided with a year's supply of sanitary towels, 4 undergarments, and educational training through our Freedom for Girls (FFG) project.

Image by Taylor


The Kids For School project is a student sponsorship program that allows individuals who want to have a direct impact in Kenya pay for students school fees.


In 2008 a group of Maasai girls recited a poem about their dream that a women from their remote village would become a doctor. This is the story of how that dream, became a reality.

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