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Through medical care, training, nutrition, and psychosocial support, we empower our mothers and their households to thrive and overcome the challenges of HIV.  With partner support, we promote holistic wellness leading to healthy and fulfilling lives.

HEART provides support to mothers and their children through health and wellness initiatives aimed at protecting and improving their overall well-being and preventing the progression of diseases. These initiatives are carried out by the HEART medical doctor, local and international medical professionals and compassionate officers in our project areas.


HEART and its partners offer comprehensive care, including health and home-based services, nutrition support, business skills training, protection, shelter, psychosocial support, and education support for the children. Our program consists of Prevention, Awareness, and Curative Services.


  • Prevention: We collaborate with government and private health facilities to conduct medical assessments and screening services, facilitate referrals, and ensure follow-up for sick mothers and children in the program.


  • Awareness: We provide health education on disease prevention, nutrition, and adherence to raise awareness among the participants.


  • Curative: We conducts health assessments where various confirmed medical conditions are treated, referrals for complicated cases and subsequent follow-ups made. HEART covers medical bills that exceed the limits of the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), a Kenyan government institution  providing health insurance.

During health assessments and screenings, we conduct health education and sensitization sessions on mental health, suicide prevention, cancer, hygiene, post-opportunistic infections, and the utilization of locally available diets to boost immunity. We also collaborate with healthcare providers in all our locations for specialized diagnoses and treatments.


HEART's medical doctor and healthcare providers from different regions of Kenya have received training from Prevention International-No Cervical Cancer (PINCC) on cervical cancer screening and treatment using the latest techniques. Our mothers and local community members have benefited from cancer screenings, human papillomavirus self-testing, immediate treatment, referrals, and follow-up for positive cases through the use of advanced technologies.




HIV+ mothers have been trained on mental health, nutrition, immune system, and cancer awareness.


Children have been provided health care and nutrition.


Children have been covered with Malaria prevention nets.

Image by Annie Spratt


See how HEART's programs give hope back to HIV+ women, bringing a better future for the mothers and children of Kenya.


Witness how Vickie Winkler's vision started as a small group of medical professionals, and transforming into the orphan prevention organization it is today.

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