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Empowering our mothers to deepen their spiritual walk, develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, and become more equipped to live out their faith in daily life, helping them navigate challenges, cultivate virtues, and discover their purpose. We believe in fostering a strong spiritual foundation for lifelong learning opportunities and accountability.


The mothers who have received assistance from HEART have experienced indescribable levels of emotional, physical, and spiritual pain. Widowed or abandoned, they have had to endure not only the rejection of family members, which could often include their own mothers, but also the stigma imposed on them by once-friendly neighbors and friends. And the reason? Their HIV status.

For these mothers, the only solace and sense of belonging they find is in others who can relate to their life experiences. They long for friendship and loving support from those who share and understand their struggles.

Recognizing this specific dimension of need in these women's lives makes the presence of a Christ-centered Discipleship Program crucial. Just as they are treated and encouraged to lead healthy and productive lives, the Discipleship Program offers a pathway for these mothers to deepen their spiritual journey, develop a closer relationship with Jesus, and become better equipped to navigate life's challenges with faith and hope. Through this program, they can cultivate virtues and discover their individual sense of purpose.

Among the numerous benefits and blessings it brings, HEART's Discipleship Program fosters a sense of community and accountability. Led by Kenyan women who assist their fellow Kenyan women through Bible distribution and in-depth study, it makes motivation, encouragement, and lifelong learning attainable. Many of these mothers have heard about Christ Jesus multiple times, but they do not personally know Him as their Lord, nor have they ever owned a Bible. The joy they express upon encountering Christ can be seen and felt, regardless of whether it is conveyed in English, Swahili, or their mother tongue. Their songs, words of praise, tears, smiles, and dances of celebration reflect the victory they experience.

Through discipleship, these mothers establish a new life firmly built on Christian truth and a faith-based community. In this transformation, emotional wounds are healed from within. What emerges is a strong, beautiful woman, akin to a budding flower, who no longer travels alone but embarks on each new day with Jesus by her side.

The Discipleship Program exemplifies the spiritual truth found in Matthew 18:20, "For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there..." For more than twenty years, discipleship training has been at the core of many HEART team members' efforts, where they have visited, taught, and spiritually encouraged HEART's mothers. Janet White was a pioneer on this journey and played a crucial role in developing the program for HEART. Like early itinerant pastors, she courageously traveled to each center in the countryside, dedicating sufficient time to teach the mothers. She worked closely with her Kenyan counterpart, Billiah Obes, and together they trained Discipleship Leaders at every center. These well-prepared program graduates are now entrusted with the daily responsibility of gathering the women for devotions, mentoring them spiritually, and being leaders in the community.



HIV+ mothers trained on fundamentals of Bible study and living a Godly life.

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