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Kakamega is situated in the western region of Kenya, approximately 30 kilometers north of Kisumu, the third-largest city in Kenya, and about 50 kilometers north-east of Lake Victoria.

Kakamega is primarily an agricultural town, with sugarcane farming being a significant economic activity in the region. Other crops grown in the area include maize, bananas, and tea. The town also serves as a commercial center for the surrounding rural areas, with markets and trading activities being prominent.

Kakamega is known for its rich cultural heritage, with the Luhya community being the predominant ethnic group in the area. Visitors to Kakamega can experience Luhya traditions, music, dance, and cuisine. The Kakamega Forest, a tropical rainforest reserve located nearby, is a popular tourist attraction known for its biodiversity, hiking trails, and birdwatching opportunities.


People live in Kakamega.


Live in extreme poverty, making less than $57 a month.


People living with HIV in Kakamega.


Kakamega WEEP Center began in 2015 as a registered Community Based Organization. 51 mothers have gone through the program with their 210 children benefiting from various services.

Center Coordinator

Everlyne Shiangala Lusuli

Assistant Center Coordinator

Compassionate Officer

Beatrice Khashiama Mboyi

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