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Nyakach is a sub-county in Kisumu County, Kenya, located in the western part of the country. It is primarily rural, with agriculture being the main economic activity. The sub-county is known for its fertile land and is predominantly inhabited by the Luo community, one of Kenya's largest ethnic groups.

It lies along the Lake Victoria which is the second largest fresh water lake in the world and covers an area of 358.6 square km including approximately 71 square km of the lake water surface. It has two contrasting terrains; a vast flat lower part which stretches in the middle of the constituency and a hilly terrain stretches to the northwest and the south.

Agriculture is the backbone of Nyakach's economy, with the majority of residents engaged in subsistence farming. Common crops grown in the area include maize, sugarcane, vegetables, and beans.


People live in Nyakach.


Live in extreme poverty, making less than $57 a month.


People living with HIV in Nyakach.


HEART's Nyakach Women Equality Empowerment Center was started in 2012 as a Self Help Group and later registered as a Community Based Organization (CBO).

85 mothers have gone through the program with their 329 children benefiting from various services.

Center Coordinator

Emily Aloo

Assistant Center Coordinator

Compassionate Officer

Everline Otieno

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