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Leah Gatiba

WEEP Program Officer, Nairobi & Coast Region

Leah joined HEART as a volunteer in 2009 and she worked in the Kids for School (KFS) and Freedom for Girls (FFG) projects till 2015 when she became a full time staff in the Women Equality Empowerment Project (WEEP) as a Program Assistant. She is currently based in Taita Taveta County where she oversees the two WEEP Centers in the Bura and Dembwa areas of Taita Taveta. She is dedicated in ensuring that the WEEP mothers in the WEEP centers thrive-spiritually, emotionally, physically and economically. Leah also ensures that the WEEP centers run efficiently on a day to day basis. She has skills in social work acquired from her experience as a volunteer and from her studies. Before joining HEART, Leah worked at Community Transformers as a field coordinator.

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