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Medical Committee

The Medical Committee is a panel of medical experts and professionals who provide guidance, expertise, and recommendations related to healthcare and medical matters for HEART.

Some responsibilities of the committee:
Periodically review and assess the effectiveness of healthcare interventions and programs, suggesting improvements as needed. Advise on healthcare policies and procedures. Help engage with the community, building trust and credibility in healthcare-related matters. Assist in fundraising efforts by leveraging their professional networks and expertise. Help in forming partnerships with other healthcare organizations. Contribute to educational initiatives and outreach efforts to promote health awareness and literacy among HEART's target population.

The Medical Advisory Committee meets regularly to discuss ongoing healthcare initiatives, review data, and provide recommendations.

Committee Members:
Danny Chaffey - Committee Chair
Dr. Russ Tweet
Dr. Mariana Javeza Omenda
Laura Van Auker
Margie Junker
Lori Powell

Medical Committee

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